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King of Thai Cuisine

Our Menu

1. Sample $ 13.95
Combination of Satay chickens, Fried spring rolls, Cream cheese wonton, Winter shrimp and Pot stickers.  Served with three special sauces.

2. Satay chicken (4) $ 7.95
Grilled marinated fresh chicken breast in curry powder, herbs and coconut milk.
Served with peanut sauce and cucumber sauce.

3. Egg Rolls (5 pcs) $ 5.95
Fried vegetarian roll of cabbage, carrots, glass noodles.  Served with sweet sauce.

4. Cream Cheese Wonton $ 5.95
Cream cheese in wonton skin.  Served with sweet and sour sauce.

5. Summer Rolls $ 6.95
(Add Shrimp or Chicken $1)
Tofu, lettuce, bean sprouts, carrots and mint wrapped in rice papers. Served with Hoisin & peanut sauce.

6. Potstickers (6 pcs) $ 5.95
Deep fried crispy dumpling stuffed with minced pork & vegetables.

7. Crab Rangoon $ 6.95
Crab meat fried in a crispy cheese wonton.  Served with Thai sweet sauce.

8. Fried Tofu $ 5.95
Crispy fried tofu.  Served with  sweet and sour sauce.

9. Shrimp or Calamari Tempura $ 8.95
Deep fried shrimp or calamari.  Served with sweet chili sauce.

10. Vegetable Tempura $ 7.95
Fried battered mixed vegetables.  Served with sweet chili sauce.

11. Fried chicken wings $ 7.95
Deep fried marinated chicken wings.  Served with sweet chili sauce.

12. Tod Mun $ 8.95

Fried fish cakes made with Thai herbs, chili paste  and green bean.  Served with a light cucumber sauce.



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6171 Mission Gorge Rd Ste 115 San Diego CA 92120 US

                                                                                                Small       Large
Vegetable/Mock Duck/Mock chicken/Tofu     $ 5.95      $ 8.95
Chicken or Pork or Beef                                          $ 5.95      $ 9.95
Shrimp or Calamari                                                  $ 6.95      $ 10.95
Fish                                                                                  $ 6.95      $ 12.95
Seafood or Combo (Fire pot optional)               $ 7.95      $ 13.95

13. Tom Yum
Lemon grass broth, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, chili and lime juice.

14. Tom Khar
Lemon grass and galanga broth, coconut milk, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions,

cilantro, tamarin and lime juice.

15. Tofu Soup
Tofu, napa cabbage, green onions, cilantro and glass noodle in clear broth.

16. Wonton Soup
Stuff pork wonton in clear broth with napa cabbage, peas, carrot, cilantro.

17. Egg Drop (Small $ 6.95, Large $ 9.95)
Chicken, onions, egg, peas and carrots.

18. Potak $ 15.95 (Served in fire pot)
Scallops, shrimps, calamaris, mussels, mushrooms, basils, onions,
chili, green onions and cilantro in lemon grass broth.

19. House Salad $ 6.95
Mixed greens, cucumber, tomatoes, red cabbage,
with peanut dressing (Add chicken $ 2.00)

20. Cucumber Salad $ 4.95
Cucumber, carrot in vinegar dressing.

21. Papaya Salad (Som Tum) $ 8.95
Shredded green papaya, carrots with Thai chili,
lime juice, tomatoes. (Add shrimp $ 2.00)

22. Larb $ 9.95
Minced chicken or pork spiced with chili, onions,
cilantro, ground rice, lime juice and fresh mint.

23. Beef Salad (Yum Nuah) $ 12.95
Slice grilled steak mixed with lime juice, chili, cucumbers,
red onions, tomatoes, green lettuce and fresh mint.

24. Shrimp or Calamari Salad $ 12.95
Shrimp or calamari combined with chili, lime juice, onions, cucumbers,
fresh ginger and mint leaves served on a bed of crisp lettuce.

25. Yum Woonsen $ 12.95
Clear glass noodles. Combined with ground pork, prawns,
lime juice, chili, red onions, tomatoes and mint leaves.

26. Spicy Seafood Salad (Yum Talay) $ 14.95

Shrimp, scallop, calamari, mussels, fish. Seasoned
with lemon juice, green and red onions,
tomatoes, cucumber, chili, fresh mint
and fresh ginger.